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you get a little giddyai杨幂被遭强奷倒高潮的视频

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you get a little giddyai杨幂被遭强奷倒高潮的视频

Point of view: LutherIt was early morning when I awoke to the feeling of something warm encompassing my penis. My kinky girlfriend had decided it would be funny to wake me up with a blowjob. Once my eyes were fully open, she pulled back and smiled at me. "Good morning, honey," she giggled."Are you going to finish?" I asked her with expectant glee showing on my face."Sorry, but I have work early. I just wanted to wake you before I left." She stood up, revealing the fact that she was already wearing her work blazer."Are you kidding me?" I was more than a little annoyed."You love it when I tease you," she laughed as she left the room. I stood up and chased after her. Rather than catching her at the stairs as I planned, I bumped into her younger sister. She was looking sexy in just a shirt so I stopped to stare for a bit. She squinted at me as if judging me before turning and trotting down the stares. It was then that I remembered my dick was still hanging out.Victoria was just grabbing her purse on her way out the door. "Oh, hello, Theodora," she greeted her sister with a sweet smile.Teddy raised her hand to wave but stopped when I arrived behind her at the base of the stairs. Victoria could not see, but I was resting my hand on her butt. She tried to pretend not to notice, so I lifted up the hem of her shirt from the back only."Are you alright?" Victoria was busy grabbing her keys but she could see something off about Teddy's face. She tried to wave at Victoria again but this time I decided it would be funny to poke her tiny asshole. Her whole body jolted."Have you seen my special hair clip?" Victoria asked while spinning around in search of it. She was completely oblivious. Teddy tried to take a step forward but I held onto her shoulder and pushed my finger completely inside her asshole. She bit her lip to keep from screaming out."Luther?" Victoria looked at me, redirecting her question from her mute sister to me."Wasn’t it on the kitchen counter?" I suggested."Can you go and check for me?" she asked politely. Teddy sighed with relief when I removed my finger from her asshole. I entered the kitchen and located the hair clip immediately. I decided to wash my hands before grabbing it and one other thing.I came back to the living room and found Victoria hugging Teddy and kissing her cheek. "You two get along, alright?" she warned us.I handed her the hair clip which she put on immediately. "What's that," she noticed that my hands were not empty.I held up the bottle of olive oil I had also grabbed in the kitchen. "I thought I'd made Teddy and myself some eggs for breakfast," I had to think quick."Aw, that's so sweet. Isn't he sweet?" she asked her sister. Teddy frowned instead of answering.I dabbed some oil on two of my fingers and grabbing her ass from behind. "Don’t you think I'm sweet?" I asked Teddy while sliding both of my fingers into her asshole this time. She had to stand on her tiptoes as I stretched it upwards. She held her breath while nodding at Victoria vigorously."Bye you two," her oblivious sister left the house. As soon as we heard the lock click Teddy tried to step away from me. I held her by the waist and worked my fingers deeper into her. She moaned while lurching forward. I let her bend over and lowered her to the floor. I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with the nozzle of the oil bottle. She began to whimper as I tipped it up, spilling oil into her stretched asshole.She laid her head down with her tongue hanging out. A pool of drool formed on the floor as I worked the nozzle back and forth in her asshole. Finally I pulled it out with a pop. Her hips dropped slightly but she did her best to keep them raised. She knew I wasn’t done with her.With a hand on each of her buttocks I spread them apart. Glistening oil was leaking out of her and running down the back of her thighs. I rubbed the tip of my cock against her hole to tease her. She moaned and wriggled her ass welcomingly. "Have you ever done this before?" I asked mischievously. She shook her head. "But you want it, right?"She shook her head again. I waited for a while as she tried to deny it. Finally, after her exposed asshole started to become cold, she began to nod. "Good girl." I slid my cock into her gapping hole. She groaned out in pain but did not pull away.This may just be personal preference but there is something special about fucking a girl's asshole. First of all, though it is the organ meant for sex, a pussy can shove out an eight pound child. It's meant to stretch. Most of the time, an anus can't even fit one finger. The tightness just doesn’t compare. Also, you have to be real intimate with a girl for her to let you fuck her asshole. She basically says I take your happiness more seriously than my own comfort. Lastly, it's kinda a domination thing. I have fucked all three of Teddy's holes now. She belongs to me.The girl was a trooper, I'll give her that. Barely in high school and letting an adult man shove his cock up her butt. She kept holding her breath until her face turned read and then gasping. I suppose it helped her somehow. Every time it got a little difficult to push, I poured more oil over her ass and my cock where they met.When I realized I was about to cum, I reached underneath her and grabbed both of her tits through her shirt. It doesn’t matter what she is doing, Teddy will always cum when you twist her nipples. She practically shrieked when I did it that time though. Her whole body shook, including her already impaled asshole. She only calmed down when I began to fill her sore cavity with warm soothing cum.I expected her to collapse when I pulled out but instead she just stayed in her prone position, ass in the air and leaking more than just oil now. I thought it would be a waste to have her expel it all, so I went back to the kitchen and found a wine stopper. I pushed the oil bottle into her butt one more time, making her groan again. After practically emptying the bottle, I slid the wine stopper into her overflowing butt.She didn’t really complain so much as stare at me in disbelief. She did not know why I needed to fuck her and then humiliate her. "You're not allowed to wear panties today," I informed her. "Your bare ass is gonna touch everything you sit on. Try not to leak too much."Finally, she stood up. She grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me downward so she could kiss me. She licked her lips and stared into my eyes with a slightly exhausted but also aroused expression. If she could talk she'd be scolding me for toying with her. She did nothing to remove the wine stopper though and she did not put on panties. Annoyed at me or not, this girl was a slut and an obedient one.The rest of the day was amazing. I got horny nearly every hour just watching Teddy trying to move gingerly so as not to upset her filled bowels. I removed the wine stopper and fucked her gapping asshole repeatedly, on the couch, in her room, on the back porch, on the kitchen counter.Each time she would look at me longingly, begging me with her eyes to fuck her, by then, dripping cunt. I never obliged her though. Today she was nothing but an anal slut and I made sure of it. Each time I'd deposit more cum and cork her up before she could leak any. Her stomach had to be hurting something bad.That night we made dinner together. I removed her wine stopper and shoved a wooden spoon up her asshole instead. It was hard on her to walk as the spoon could not bend with her intestines.Finally, while I had her face down on the living room floor again, ass in the air and hands held behind her back by her wrists, my phone rang. It was Victoria telling me she was almost home. It was exhilarating to fuck Teddy while her sister listened to her moans through the phone. I don’t think she knew what they were though because she did not say anything.After cumming inside Teddy's slimy, oil filled, abused bowels one last time, I sent her to the bathroom to relieve herself. It must have been bad because she did not come out before Victoria arrived home."Oh, you made dinner," she was pleasantly surprised. "Where's Theodora?""Somewhere." I pretended to look around. It was not supposed to be common for the two of us to hang out together while Victoria was out."Say, I feel bad about this morning. Do you want me to give you a quickie before she comes down for supper?" Victoria squatted down in front of me."You know what, I think I saw Teddy go into the bathroom a while ago. Maybe she's sick. You should go check on her," I quickly made an excuse to escape the situation. Even if I was not exhausted from fucking Teddy all day long, there was no way Victoria would not be able to tell I'd been using my dick all day. I'd need a good shower before I'd let her anywhere near it.Victoria was confused of course but dutifully went to check on her sister. I went upstairs and turned on the hot water in the shower. I had a whole days worth of sweat to wash off. It was kinda exciting,么公的又大又深又硬想要 how close to being caught we were. Well, I'm sure exciting is not how Teddy would describe it.Point of view: VictoriaI was so happy when I got off work early. I felt bad about leaving Luther high and dry that morning. I rushed home without even calling ahead. I wanted to surprise him and of course Theodora. Well, when you want to surprise someone, you get a little giddy, don’t you? I was just peeking in the window to see what they were doing while I was out. To say I was shocked would be an understatement; my lovely little sister, bent over like a whore, taking Luther's cock in her ass no less.Well I wasn’t going to stand for it. I had my phone out immediately, recording everything as evidence for when I turned him over to the police. Oh yes, he doesn’t realize it because he only turned eighteen recently, but my sister is still underage. This mistake of his was going to cost him at least five years in jail and a permanent label of a registered sex offender.The hardest part about recording this type of evidence though is watching. I had to sit and stare at my own adorable sister getting the dicking of her life. I wanted to rush in there and save her but I had to be patient. I'm no saint; obviously the whole scene made me horny. Luther was not the only one upset we hadn’t finished what I started that morning.Come to think of it, this may have been partially my fault. I really should not have invited a horny teenaged boy to live with my delicate sister. Of course she would have trouble refusing him when he inevitably came onto her. I mean, why wouldn’t he? If I had a dick I'd have fucked that cute ass of hers myself. Theodora, you are lucky you have a sister and not a brother. I'd be the one heading straight to jail.Pretty soon I was not really recording at all; I was just touching myself and hoping Luther would be rougher with her. So many different thoughts ran through my mind. Had they started with normal sex and moved on to anal? Was Luther just an ass man and never told me?I'll admit that I blanked out for a couple of seconds when I had an orgasm. I've only ever been able to cum from touching myself a couple of times so that was impressive. I guess watching my adorable sister getting fucked was more of a turn on than anything I'd ever seen in porn.When I recomposed myself, I called Luther to warn him I was on my way. I didn’t want to catch him in the act; I wanted to let him think he'd gotten away with this betrayal until he was in handcuffs. As expected, Theodora ran to the bathroom and Luther cleaned up the living room; just enough to fool someone who hadn’t just seen them through the window.I played my role well. "Oh, you made dinner," I said ever so sweetly. "Where's Theodora?" I didn’t need to ask. She was probably in the bathroom squirting out Luther's cum at that very moment."Somewhere," he gave the lamest excuse.I decided to tease him a little. "Say, I feel bad about this morning. Do you want me to give you a quickie before she comes down for supper?" I tried to undo his pants. I wondered if he'd let me, the bastard."You know what? I think I saw Teddy go into the bathroom a while ago. Maybe she's sick. You should go check on her," he made a believable excuse to get away. After hearing that, how could I not go and check on my poor sister.As expected, she was sitting on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. Her face was red and she was grunting as her stomach muscles contorted. She was trying to squeeze out every last drop of Luther's cum. "Oh man, he really did a number on you." I shook my head.Theodora did not even try to deny what they had been doing. She knew she was caught. I hugged her and then kneeled down in front of her. "You should be more careful. Having unsafe sex is a really bad idea. You could end up with a disease or worse pregnant. I'll take you to the doctor tomorrow. We'll get you some pills."She nodded while trying to swallow her tears. She obviously felt bad about banging my boyfriend. She couldn’t know that I did not care about Luther that way in the slightest. If he wanted to fuck a dozen girls, that did not bother me; as long as he did not bring their diseases home with him. No, the problem was he chose to do this to my once sweet and innocent sister."Come on, let's get you cleaned up." I led her into the bathtub and turned on the water. Supper would be cold before we got to it. I had to comfort my sister first.It had been a while since we bathed together but Theodora did not complain when I stripped down. I sat in the bath behind her and stroked her hair. It was stringy with sweat. "He must have been fucking you all day long," I whispered in her ear. "Did you like it?" She shook her head. "Now-now, don’t lie to me," I scolded her.Slowly she nodded. "Yeah, Luther's pretty good, isn’t he? Man I wish I had a cock like that, I'd never let you sleep." I slid my hand down between her legs and pressed my fingers to the small tuft of hair above her cunt.She gasped and turned her head to stare at me in shock. "Don’t look at me like that. You're the one at fault. How am I supposed to keep my distance now? I always thought I was a bad sister for wanting to touch you. I thought I'd take away your innocence. Well, you're not so innocent anymore, are you? I have nothing to lose but your trust in me but I'm a little too mad at you to care right now. How come he gets to do this to you when I don’t? Look at your knees. They are so red from the carpet."Theodora did not move or even respond. She let me curl my fingers up inside her and rub her chest with my other hand. She really is an obedient girl. Oh how my dad would beat me if he saw me doing this. I don’t know if he'd be more mad about the incest or the girl on girl part of it. Lord knows he wouldn’t actually be worried about Theodora. That idiotic man is the reason she is living with me in the first place. This was all his fault somehow.Theodora started to moan when I pinched one of her nipples. "Oh, I think I found your sensitive spot," I teased her. "Has Luther done this to you yet? Who am I kidding, of course he has. He's probably had his cock down your throat by now. He's real pushy when it comes to sex. Don’t worry, for every rough reaming he gave you, I'll treat you nice and gentle."I swirled my fingers inside of her until she was breathing heavy and gasping. At the right moment I twisted her nipple again. Because we were in the bath, it was masked by the water but I swear she squirted for me. Her body jolted and her limbs knocked on the sides and bottom of the tub. She was too exhausted for much more. "You poor thing. I want to keep you up all night, cumming and screaming for me. I bet you'd go insane. Luther would definitely hear you though. Oh well, we'll just wait until he's gone."Suddenly Theodora turned around, breaking away from me. "What's wrong?" I could see fear in her eyes. "Luther is an adult. What he did to you is illegal. Once I show the recording on my phone to the police, he's going to jail for a long time."She shook her head vigorously. "You don’t want him to go to jail?" I asked. "Well that figures. How about I just kick him out?" Again she shook her head. "Man, you're stubborn. What if I make sure you two never have sex again?" She looked at me with pleading miserable eyes. "I see. You're completely hooked. You want him inside you again. As soon a possible I'll bet."She blushed feverishly. "Jeez, what am I gonna do about you? Fine, you can keep your boy toy but we're not telling him about us. Anything he does to you, I get to do twice, got it?" Theodora looked extremely reluctant. "I love you, sweetie, don’t you love me?" I tried to guilt her. She nodded slowly. "Good girl. Now get over here and cum for me again. I want to hold you tight as you tremble like a skewered jackrabbit."She was definitely reluctant but I think her desire to be allowed to fuck Luther again persuaded her. She hugged me tightly, pressing our wet breasts together. I of course wasted no time turning the embrace sexual. In less than a minute I had her moaning and rocking back and forth in the tub, trying not to cum while intentionally scraping her pussy on the floor of the bath just to feel better. She could not help it; she was a slut through and through.


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