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in and outass日本少妇高潮pics

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in and outass日本少妇高潮pics

Introduction:I am a single mom of31 years. There's just me and my son now as my husband died in a car crash 2 years ago.. Being single, times were tough for us, I had to work two jobs mostly to support us in even the worst conditions. We lived pay check to pay check until one fateful day I received a letter from my great aunts lawyer. My great aunt had unfortunately passed away in her sleep only a week before. I was being contacted in order to collect an inheritance that my aunt had put aside for me. I was thunderstruck at the amount that was now legally mine. It was enough to put Chris through school and for me to relax without having to worry about finances. Along with the money, Chris and I also were entitled to a nice sized house she had built from the ground up when she was a young woman. It was a few states away but Chris was excited to move, and not too upset over having to leave his friends and life behind.We quickly packed, the whole time ecstatic and joking around with each other. We felt like our time had finally come. No more having to work two jobs or move from a cheap apartment to an even cheaper apartment. Finally, our lives can start. We took the train since we didn’t own a car, I was prepared to purchase one when we settled and had our new address. The trip was quick and long at the same time. As eager as I was to see our new home, I also was enjoying the mother son time we rarely had the chance to enjoy. Our stop finally came, 12 hours after leaving our old life behind. We called a cab and was whisked away into the lovely open countryside. My great aunt obviously enjoyed her seclusion. Her house was nestled in a quaint forested area with neighbour’s on both sides, just a quarter mile distance on both sides. That suited me fine, I enjoyed the quite anyway.We both grabbed our bags, I tipped the cab driver and we burst into the lovely home that was once my great aunts. The house was gorgeous. A large, spacious living room that lead into a modern kitchen with amazing amounts of sunlight. My bedroom was on the first floor, an enormous master bedroom that was more than half the size of our last apartment. My son wanted two of the three rooms upstairs. One to sleep in, and one for his band equipment. After years of poverty, I was eager to be able to give him so much now. We eagerly started unpacking, even though we were exhausted. We wanted to finally start our new life, as soon as possible.While I was setting the kitchen up and putting away our dishes, I heard someone at the door it was an old man and a young teenage girl with a dog. Hi this is Lucky he belongs to the lady who lived here. We have been looking after him since she died. There sat my great aunts Great Dane, sitting patiently ready to be let inside. I said thank you and took him in I would feel safer with a big dog at home. He was an enormous grey and black dog, about 180 pounds of lean strong muscle and roughly 6 feet standing on his hind legs. Great Auntie said she felt safe with him, being alone in her house. I didn’t blame her, he was great security. I fed the Dane (which I decided to call Lucky) and continued my housework.Once we had finished, Matt and I retired to the living room and slumped down on the couch. Luckily, we were able to keep everything that the house possessed at the time of aunties death. This was good since we had all the furniture we could’ve needed. We watched some movies and had a few laughs then decided to retire to our beds at about 1 am for an excellent night’s sleep. I bid my son farewell and headed to my beautiful spacious bedroom.It suited me well but with all the extra work I did today I decided to slip off my gown and crawl into bed stark naked. The crisp cold sheets felt like heaven against my tired muscles.I awoke about mid day to my bed sheet being pulled off. I tried clearing my foggy mind and figure out what was happening. I tried to wake myself up. Suddenly I felt something touch my privates. I yelped and jumped out of bed, my heart racing in my chest. Luckily, it was only Lucky. I laughed at myself and patted Lucky on the head and climbed back into bed. Lucky followed me. He jumped up and landed all 180lbs of his body on top of my small thin naked frame. I yelled out in surprise and pain. “What are you doing stupid dog get DOWN!” I tried wiggling around to scare him but he was unresponsive. I could see his big black eyes staring straight at me. I stopped struggling and watched him. After a few moments of glassy eyed staring, he bend his head down to my exposed breasts and sniffed. My heart started pounding again, I wanted to know what was wrong with this odd dog. I figured it out soon enough. His tongue came out of his mouth with long wet strokes that slathered itself against my bare breasts. I shivered and yelped at the shock of being touched so intimately by an animal. I wiggled the lower half of my body, attempting to free myself from his weight but he was unflinching. He tongue caressed my hardened nipples, sending shockwaves throughout my body. His tongue travelled to both breasts, not missing an inch of my perky nipples.I gritted my teeth and accepted my molestation. I tried blocking out the sound of his sloppy wet tongue slapping and lathering itself along my heaving bosom. Each flick of his tongue jiggled my breasts and sent little waves of electricity throughout my entire system. As soon as it started, it was finished. He licked his lips and raised his head again, looking at me with his calm black eyes. I heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed my tense body. Then lucky got off the bed and grabbed my ankle and dragged me half of the bed then he pushed between my thighs with his shoulders. I started to struggle to get up but he jumped on top of me and bared his teeth and growled. I was frightened into submission and lay there and let him do what he wanted. He moved back down between my thighs and started to lick me. Oh my god I have not felt a tongue on me since my husbands. He continued to lick me forcing my legs further apart with his shoulders. Pretty soon he had is tongue on my clit and then inside me. He started alternating between my clit and my vagina. Oh my god I could feel myself coming and however I tried I couldn’t stop myself. Then I shudderedhad the strongest orgasm I had had in years.When I came lucky stopped and climbed on top of me and started licking my face and lips. As if to tell me he owned me. Luck got back down and stuck his head between my legs again.Lucky kept assaulting my delicate vagina with his rough tongue, invading every nook and every cranny I had in between my legs. I felt the thick meat of his tongue sliding down the arch between my buttocks and scraping itself along my rectum. I wanted to throw up from anger and frustration. I couldn’t believe I was being molested on the first day of my new life. His tongue had finally broken free of the protective folds of my labia and had found a way inside my vagina. I felt him enter me, swivelling his invasive tongue in and out, in and out, lapping up my womanly juices, coveting what was not his. His speed increased inside of me, filling me at an even faster tempo,午夜无码伦费影视在线观看 in and out, in and out, while grinding his bumpy tongue against my tiny pink clitoris. My body grew hot again and my legs went limp and i was coming again. I was being sexually assaulted by a dog, I thought angrily. I started trembling at the sheer force of the sexual attack on my vagina. Bile rose in my throat, I was shaking with sexual arousal, anger and fear. Lucky kept forcing the full length of his tongue deep inside my canal, pushing as far as it would go, and then pushing some more. My vagina felt full to capacity with his enormous meaty tongue, I felt the walls inside me stretching to it's fill, fighting with the force that it was being penetrated with. Tears started to silently fall from my face. I was just recovering from my second orgasm when Lucky stood up suddenly forcing his hips between my thighs. I tried to close my legs but lucky was too strong. I grimaced at the thought. But Lucky was far from done with me.I tried to push him away but he just bared his teeth and snarled forcing me into submission. With his powerful back legs and broad hips , he forced my knees apart. I yelped in surprise and shock at his strength. With one fell push, he had opened my knees wide apart, once again exposing my dripping wet vagina to the air. His front paws rested on my shoulders, holding up his torso as he gently dipped his hind legs down closer to the bed. At this moment I was shaking and sobbing, tears rolling down my cheeks onto the bed. I tried desperately to push him away he just grabbed my wrist and pushed it away. the more I struggled the harder he bit. I had to resign myself to what was about to happen.He stared deeply into my eyes again, almost a cold cynicism swept over his face as he planted his erection at the source of my womanhood. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with this dog, everything he did seemed so meticulous and thought out. I awaited my inevitable rape with bated breath. His humongous muscular body was poised between my shaking knees, pressing down on them, spreading me wide open for his access. His throbbing red meat touched the entrance to my swollen canal, pushing past my lips it entered with no care for repercussion. I felt it slide in, stretching my walls, forcing its way inside as if he was entitled to too do whatever he wanted to my body. My eyes burned with anger again as I thought of how this dog was sexually dominating me in my own bed. Assaulting me and breeding me in my own home.I laid back and accepted my fuck. I accepted it just to be able to survive it. I let my arms drop to my side, Its cock stretched my insides to its limit with each invasive thrust deep inside my body. I laid there, staring at the ceiling as the massive Great Dane raped me. It’s cock delved deep, separating my walls, pushing its way deeper for better access to my cervix. Each stroke of its hips, each poised propulsion of its breeding baton pushed me deeper into shock. But in spite of this I could feel myself coming again. As I came I started to black out the dog had completely exhausted my and I didn’t have the strength to resist.Lucky started tonguing my mouth he grabbed my chin and forced my mouth open. He was going to try to get his tongue in my mouth. As soon as he let go I slammed my mouth shut. He bared his teeth and snarled his breath forcing up my nose and then he grabbed my chin again forcing it open. This time he was not as gentle. I must have bite marks on my face. I dare not close my mouth again. His tongue quickly worked its way in my mouth. It tasted disgusting it was nearly making me sick. He worked his tongue in nearly to my tonsils but this was not enough for him. He rammed his lower jaw in my mouth as far as it would go. I thought he would break my jaw. Then his tongue continued to push down my throat. All the time lucky was still pounding away in me.I started feeling pain deep inside my belly. The dog has now been raping me for nearly two hours. I think I had come about four or five times. slamming his oversized meat stick into my birth canal, colliding with my cervix. I used to be lucky if my husband lasted half an hour. I knew I couldn’t put up with this brutal rape for much longer. I started crying again and sobbing as the dog emotionlessly kept violating the most sacred part of my body and dribbling his saliva down my throat..I imagined how horrifying the scene would’ve looked to someone if they had walked in the door.They would see the dogs cock pummelling into the my spread legs likeand me French kissing a dog as if I was some kind of dog slut, I looked up and there was my son at the door filming me on his phone.Wow mum this is so cool. Matt stop him he is raping me.Its ok mum you don’t need to be embarrassed its been a while since dad died you must be desperate for sex. matt came over and sat on the bed still filming me. I was drifting in and out of consciousness from struggling against the dog for so long. The dog was making me orgasm again and there was nothing I could do to stop it.wow mum you’re loving this you are so cool.my son started fondling my breasts then I noticed he had removed his pyjama trousersand was masturbating. wow mum you are the coolest mum in the world. Then he reached over and pulled the dogs mouth rom mine and pulled my head to him and pushed his penis in my mouth. I was disgusted that my son could be doing this to his mum, but at least it tasted better than the dogs tongue. I was drifting out of consciousness and could do nothing to stop him. Fairly soon I could feel his spunk flooding in my mouth. Finally after another agonizinghalf hour or so of rape with a dog that’s penis was nearly two times the size of my husbands, I felt a growing sensation deep within me. The dog was knotting and it was stretching me beyond my limit. Even childbirth didn’t feel this painful. Tears from shock and utter pain burst out of my eyes. The Great Dane just stood there, motionless until its seed was completely deposited into my womb. I shuttered and sobbed, burping from gulping too much air in.I laid there, leg’s spread far apart, blood on the sheets, waiting for the dog to finally withdraw its unwanted appendage from my body. When it was ready, he pulled out his now soft cock with a sickening slurp and pop. Without any more interest in me, it quietly went and laid by the door. I could feel matts penis hardening in my mouth again Matt climbed on top of me kneeling on my arms and fucking my mouth. Pretty soon he was coming again. That’s it mum swallow it all. Don’t worry mum me a Lucky will look after you from now on. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. How was I going to make him realise what was happening.Then he climbed off me and pulled me onto the bed and lay at the side of me gently playing with my breasts. I must have laid there barely conscious for an hour. I cant believe I had just been raped by a dog and my son. I couldn’t get the memory of being brutally rapedout of my head.Then I felt the Lucky dragging my foot off the bed again the more I struggled the harder he bit into me. Then he climbing between my legs again. Wow mum he is ready to go again look at the size of him. Matt get him off me I cant stand being raped again. Mum was really frightened I realised mum was telling the truth she really was being raped. I realised I could have pulled the dog off mum and locked him out the room or i could carry on acting dumb and act out my favourite bestiality fantasies and probably make mum my sex slave.Its ok mum he is just doing what you want.You know how much you enjoyed it. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Its just you and me no one else will know.I could feel the dog cock pushing against my sore vagina again the dripping semen meant it slid straight in. I tried to scream but matt had stuck his cock in my mouth again. Oh god how was i ever going to get out of this. Lucky was pumping in to me faster than before. I think he was glad he had some help. I could feel myself orgasming again. That’s it mum this you are so cool.I don’t know how long the dog had fucked me for but it was starting to get dark and i had drifted out of consciousness every time i orgasmed. It must have been at least six times. i felt the dog climb off me and left the room. My son had come in my mouth a couple of times at least. I cant believe you have been fucking my mouth Matt..I thought you were enjoying it mum. No i was exhausted i couldn’t stop you.Matt got dressed and left the room. He came back a few minutes later.I’ve tied the dog up in the yard. Lets get you cleaned up.Matt Half carried half led me to the bathroom.sat me on the side of the bath and got the shower hose and washed me down there. Gently opening my vagina and squirting the warm water inside me. Pushing soapy fingers inside me to clean me. He then ran a warm bath a helped me in.I will just go and change the sheets for you they are a bit of a mess.I lay in the warm bath barely conscious. I was absolutely exhausted.Matt came back in with a bath towel took me out the bath and dried me all over. He got my e45 cream and gently applied it to my sore vagina. I couldn’t believe my son was pushing his creamy fingers inside me. But it did feel a lot better.Matt led me back to the bedroom and lay me naked on the bed. Then he stripped off and got in with me. What are you doing Matt.I told you we will look after you from now on.We Lay together for a while it did feel nice to have someone close again. Matts hand was wrapped round me holding my breasts gently needing them. Then his hand started snaking down between my legs.Matt what are you doing.Look mum I know Lucky's dick is bigger than mine. I can go and get him if you want.No please don’t.Just relax and let me make you feel better. I had watched enough porn that i knew where the clit was. I gently rubbed it and could feel mum squirming. She was still exhausted and would not struggle but i would not fuck my mum till she begged for it.How’s that Mum she just murmured. I carried on massaging her clit I could feel she was enjoying it. Fairly soon she was starting to orgasm and i sped up my movements.Oh don’t stop. keep goingThat’s it mum come for your little boy.She shuddered uncontrollably and i think she nearly passed out again. I kissed her cheek and we fell asleep.I woke in the night and started looking through mums draws. She woke and asked what i was doing.I’m looking to see if you have a vibrator.Come out of my draws.Then i found a large box with a vibrator and a dildo and some leather straps.Wow mum what are these straps for.Your dad used to like to tie me up.I can do that if you like. Grabbing her wrist i wrapped one of the straps round her wrist and clicked the little padlock. Mum started struggling but she didn’t have much energy left. I quickly clipped that strap to the headboard with the small chain attached. Then she really started to panic but i quickly got the other wrist anchored to the headboard. Then i sat on her legs and did both ankles. There was long chain on these which i attached to the base of the bed. I tried the vibrator but it was flat. I took out the batteries and went downstairs to get more. I came back with a large pack.I think there will be enough here to keep you going.You cant do this matt. I’m your mum.Mum its either me or Lucky. you decide.Oh god don’t let the dog near me again. do what you want.I fitted the batteries and switched it on the head vibrated softly. I applied it to her clitoris. Mum started to squirm again. That’s it mum you know you like it.Pretty soon mum was orgasming again but i kept the vibrator going slowly insetting it in her vagina and across her bum hole.No not there please.Have you ever done anal mumNo don’t go therePretty soon mum was starting to orgasm again.I switched off the vibrator.please don’t stop. Keep going.I waited until she had calmed down then i started the vibrator again. When she was nearly coming again i switched it off again.Keep going.Do you want me to fuck you pressing my cock against her vagina. Slowly rubbing it up and down.Don’t stopDo you want me to fuck youYes don’t stopI slid my cock in and gently started to fuck her. Within seconds she was orgasming. Shuddering beneath me. She nearly passed out as she orgasmed. I gently carried on fucking her and she started to come round again. I lent over and kissed her she started kissing me back. then she was coming again. I didn’t want to get my mum pregnant and as i was nearly coming myself i took my cock out and climbed over her breasts and fed my cock in her mouth. Mum didn’t resist and started sucking on my cock. i quickly started spurting my warm semen in her mouth. I held it in her mouth until i was sure she had swallowed it all. Then i collapsed at the side of her gently pulling her to me.Wow mum you have to be the coolest mum in the world.You raped me. I cant believe you have just fucked your own mother.You begged me for it and you enjoyed it. You have to stop pretending you don’t want me and Lucky to look after you.Oh god how was i ever going to get out of this my son still thinks i want this. He is going to turn me into some sort of sex slave.I unlocked both legs and one arm from the bed. We lay with each other until the morning. I woke and reached over and kissed her. I placed my hand between her legs and started to rub her clit mum reached down with her free arm to stop me.Stop that or i will tie you up again.She pulled her arm away and let me carry on pretty soon mum was squirming about desperately trying to stop her self coming. But she was too exhausted and pretty soon she was getting ready to come. I climbed between her legs and started fucking her. three times i made her come before i pulled out and once again stuck my dick in her mouth. She was barely conscious. Seems that the more she struggle and wears herself out the less control she has over her orgasms. I will need to keep her at it night and day she wont be able to control herself and i can do whatever i want to her. Wow mum that was nice. Lets get up. Keep the straps on for now. I took the chains off and let her get dressed.Don’t bother with knickers or bra mum.She puta tee shirt and skirt on and we went down to the kitchen. We made breakfast and sat in silence while we ate. We hadn’t eaten for nearly 24 hoursI went over behind mum and bent over and kissed her on the neck and reached round and cupped her breasts.You cant keep doing this i am your mum. My son grabbed my wrists and clipped them together and pulled me up from the chair. Oh god what now.Come with me i want to show you something.My son led me to his bedroom i thought he was going to fuck me again. Instead he sat me at his desk. He chained my ankles to the base of the swivel chair and unclipped my wrists. He turned his computer on and opened up a animal porn site. Look mum these people pay good money for animal porn clips. We can make a fortune.Do you watch this stuff. I do watch this stuff a lot but you like to actually do it..I need your credit card number to go and buy a camera. He made me tell him my card number. If this number is wrong you will be punished.I have some downloaded videos i will set them playing for you. I have set the webcam to record. if you look away from the screen while I’m gone you will be punished.I cant believe my son was doing this to me. I couldn’t think how i was ever going to escape this. My son left and biked into town. I sat watching the videos. I couldn’t believe what some of the women were doing. After about half an hour of watching this stuff i felt myself getting wet. I started fingering myself and pretty soon i was orgasming. Oh god what’s happening to me. I made myself come twice more before my son came back.I heard my son come back and came upstairs. How you doing mum. I’m just going to put the camera on charge then i will check the webcam. He pulled a chair up behind me and reached round to the mouse. Lets have a look. He quickly scrolled through the webcam footage. He stopped at the first bit where i fingered myself. Wow mum you are really enjoying this stuff. He scrolled to the other sessions. All the time one hand cupping my breast. Let me go and get the vibrator for you while you watch the rest. He came back in with it and started using it on my clit. I was starting to get excited. My son handed me the vibrator.Here you go enjoy yourself.I was so near to coming i couldn’t stop myself using it. I think i nearly passed out when i came. I think it was the thought that i was masturbating in front of my son this was so embarrassing.. Wow mum this is going to be soo much fun. We are going to make a fortune from this web site. I’m just going to get these chains back on your straps. He pulled my arms behind my back and locked them. Then he unchained my legs.I screamed at him You are not going to turn me into a dog porn star i wont let you. I will scream that i am being raped if you try to film me.I think i will probably need to punish you. You need a bit moretraining.Oh my godyou cant be doing this. What are you going to do to me.I only want you to do what you enjoy doing but get paid for it. We will go back to where we started I will put you and lucky in the bedroom together and see what happens.No he is too big he will overpower me. I wont let him hurt you.



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